Hotels Near New York City Places

The renovation of our regional hotel guides continues this week with the premiere of our guide to hotels in New  York City,  (Yeah, we know, kind of a dumb name.)  The subways, buses and cabs of New York make it relatively easy to get around town, but it’s still nice to be able to find a place to stay near your final destination.  TheRealGotham features hundreds of hotels near hundreds of landmarks in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and suburban New Jersey.

If you’re coming to NYC on business, you’ll probably find your meeting place in our guide to hotels near hundreds of New York buildings.  Tourists can find great places to stay near New York’s museums and theaters. If your needs are not quite as pleasurable, we’ve also added a guide to hotels near the multitude of New York hospitals.

Each New York hotel has it’s own page, with a list of the closest landmarks, a map of the hotel’s location, links for easy online booking and some of the week’s top hotel deals.  Each landmark also has a page with a list of nearby hotels and a map.

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