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Flying, Buying, Cruising and Snoozing

Today we added some new “landmark category” pages that make it easier than ever to find hotels near major U.S. airports, cruise port terminals, the largest shopping malls and military bases.  It’s all part of our goal of making TheRealPlaces.com the place for finding hotels near, well, anyplace.

Our new US Airport Hotels page features links to over 100 of the country’s biggest airports.  From the biggest to the not-quite-so-big, this collection of airports makes it a breeze to find hotels near LAX, hotels near ATL, hotels near DFW – and many more, including accommodations in smaller cities like hotels near Norfolk International Airport (ORF) and hotels near Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (CLT).

We’ve previously mentioned hotels near cruise ports in this blog and now we’ve gathered them all together for those of you who might need a place to stay before or after your adventure on the high seas.

Many would consider it an odd way to take a “vacation”, but some of the biggest “regional” and outlet malls have become tourist destinations.  It kind of makes sense when you consider the entertainment options that are included at many malls.  If you’re looking for a place to stay near any of the largest malls in the United States, we now have a page for that, too.  (Feel free to send us a postcard from the King of Prussia Mall, Arundel Mills or the Mall of America.)

There are military bases throughout the United States and we now have a page that simplifies finding hotels near the biggest Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine bases.  From MacDill Air Force Base in Florida to the Pearl Harbor Naval Station in Hawaii, we’ve got your resource for military base hotels.

Additions To State Hotel Pages

As part of our ongoing attempts at giving TheRealPlaces a major “facelift”, we’ve made significant to the “state” pages that list all the cities and towns in each state that have hotels or are located near places to stay.  If you take a look at one of those pages – such as the list of Arizona cities with hotels – you’ll find that the list of cities now starts with “Top Deals” links for available cities.  (We have thousands of towns and cities that are home to places offering great deals, but these destinations have been given special “deals” pages due to their popularity.)  So, using the Arizona example, you have quick access to this week’s top hotel deals in Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Sedona and Tucson.

We’ve also added some primary categories of “places” to the state pages.  Airports in the state are now listed, with links to a page making it easy to find hotels near that airport.  And there’s also a list of stadiums, arenas, ballparks and racetracks, similarly linked to pages offering hotels near those popular destinations.  We anticipate expanding that part of the page in the future with additional categories.