Going International

toronto-city-page-captureWhile it’s always been possible to book hotels outside the United States at TheRealPlaces.com, we have to admit that it wasn’t easy.  We didn’t offer the ability to browse hotels by city, you had to go to our advanced hotel “power search” and enter information about the city you were interested in.  Not surprisingly, not many of our visitors chose to do that.

With some changes we’re unveiling today, things should be easier for anyone traveling outside US borders.  Our home page now includes direct links for over 120 major world cities.  If you want to start your search by browsing at the country level, our new World Hotel Directory includes over 170 different countries.  Each of those countries has its own page, with links to pages for over 14,000 cities and towns that have hotels.

Our specialty is helping you find hotels near wherever you’re going – we’re expanding that internationally.  Over the past couple of years TheRealPlaces has become a popular spot for finding hotels near cruise ports, so we’ve added most of the world’s busiest cruise departure points.  We’ve added the Canadian teams to our MLB, NHL and NBA pages.  (Hello, Toronto!)  In the next few weeks we’ll be adding most of the world’s biggest airports so you’ll be able to find hotels near them, too.  And we’ll be expanding the database of landmarks and attractions to add lots of the kinds of destinations that have made us a valuable resource for US travelers.

So, whether you’re headed north to Canada, south to Mexico, making an antipodal trek to Australia – or anywhere in between – we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding just the right hotel in just the right place.

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