2016 Wrigley Field Concerts

Baseball stadiums are not only great places to enjoy baseball games, but they make good concert venues too. You’ll find concerts scheduled as many of the big league stadiums throughout the summer.

Chicago’s Wrigley Field has a great lineup of concerts scheduled for 2016. ┬áJam band Phish plays there two nights in June, classic acts James Taylor and Jackson Browne perform at the stadium later in the month. August brings Pearl Jam, Billy Joel, and Luke Bryan. That’s a home run concert lineup for the iconic Wrigley Field!

Stay in one of the hotels close to the stadium, or pick a nearby downtown Chicago hotel (you can take the red line train from downtown to the stadium).

2016 Wrigley Field Concerts:

June 24 & 25 – Phish

June 30 – James Taylor and Jackson Browne

August 20 & 22 – Pearl Jam

August 26 – Billy Joel

August 27 – Luke Bryan