This guide contains information about places where you can stop for the night when driving from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Branson, Missouri. Total distance for the trip is around 623 miles with a driving time of approximately 9 hours 10 mins. Cities and towns with hotels that are on the fastest route between Milwaukee and Branson are listed below. (Driving times are approximate and will vary with traffic and weather conditions.)

75.1 miles from Milwaukee (1 hour 14 mins)
550 miles from Branson (8 hours 4 mins)
104 miles from Milwaukee (1 hour 43 mins)
520 miles from Branson (7 hours 34 mins)
175 miles from Milwaukee (2 hours 44 mins)
451 miles from Branson (6 hours 34 mins)
211 miles from Milwaukee (3 hours 17 mins)
412 miles from Branson (6 hours 1 min)
278 miles from Milwaukee (4 hours 13 mins)
347 miles from Branson (5 hours 4 mins)
373 miles from Milwaukee (5 hours 34 mins)
244 miles from Branson (3 hours 38 mins)
478 miles from Milwaukee (7 hours 8 mins)
146 miles from Branson (2 hours 13 mins)
588 miles from Milwaukee (8 hours 41 mins)
44.2 miles from Branson (46 mins)

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