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Going International

toronto-city-page-captureWhile it’s always been possible to book hotels outside the United States at, we have to admit that it wasn’t easy.  We didn’t offer the ability to browse hotels by city, you had to go to our advanced hotel “power search” and enter information about the city you were interested in.  Not surprisingly, not many of our visitors chose to do that.

With some changes we’re unveiling today, things should be easier for anyone traveling outside US borders.  Our home page now includes direct links for over 120 major world cities.  If you want to start your search by browsing at the country level, our new World Hotel Directory includes over 170 different countries.  Each of those countries has its own page, with links to pages for over 14,000 cities and towns that have hotels.

Our specialty is helping you find hotels near wherever you’re going – we’re expanding that internationally.  Over the past couple of years TheRealPlaces has become a popular spot for finding hotels near cruise ports, so we’ve added most of the world’s busiest cruise departure points.  We’ve added the Canadian teams to our MLB, NHL and NBA pages.  (Hello, Toronto!)  In the next few weeks we’ll be adding most of the world’s biggest airports so you’ll be able to find hotels near them, too.  And we’ll be expanding the database of landmarks and attractions to add lots of the kinds of destinations that have made us a valuable resource for US travelers.

So, whether you’re headed north to Canada, south to Mexico, making an antipodal trek to Australia – or anywhere in between – we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding just the right hotel in just the right place.

Upgraded Myrtle Beach Hotel Guide Unveiled screen, a comprehensive guide to the hotels of the greater Myrtle Beach area, has been given a major renovation.  The site covers places to stay along an extensive stretch of the Atlantic coast of South Carolina and North Carolina, ranging from Pawleys Island and Georgetown, SC to Wilmington, NC.

The Real Myrtle Beach now features an upgraded map on each hotel’s page, making it easier than ever to see exactly where the hotel is located and determine proximity to the beach.  Hotel pages also include links to information about nearby hotels and other landmarks – plus some of the current best Myrtle Beach hotel deals.

Separate pages have also been added for hundreds of landmarks in the region.  Each landmark page has the nearest hotels mapped out, with links to more information.  TheRealMyrtleBeach has guides to finding hotels near Myrtle Beach parks, hotels near South Carolina and North Carolina churches, places to stay near the region’s malls and shopping centers plus several other categories of places.

Keep Your Eyes On The Stars

When he was a teenager, all Kevin Milton could think about was hopping on his motorcycle and traveling across the United States.  His part-time jobs while in high school got him a serviceable bike and the summer after his senior year was spent on a cross-country trip that included a stop at the annual rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.  Money was a big concern, so he took his chances with one-star accommodations near Sturgis.

Keeping a merely “serviceable” bike rolling gave him the kind of real-world experience that can get you jobs – which is exactly what he found at a popular bike shop back home.  Kevin’s wanderlust wasn’t anywhere near fulfilled, so the job was just a way of paying for his frequent road trips.  The following May he rolled off to Myrtle Beach Bike Week – and was able to move up to 2-star hotels in the Myrtle Beach area.

While in Myrtle Beach, Kevin met the beautiful Robin Finnegan, who just happened to live a few miles away from Kevin’s home in Virginia.  Life moved quickly and within a couple of years they were married, had two kids and Kevin was managing that bike shop.  Time for a “spring break” trip to Florida – this time taking advantage of 3-star places to stay near Orlando.

In the evenings, Kevin started working with his tech-friendly brother-in-law on a web site devoted to weekend bikers.  It didn’t produce enough cash (yet) to live off of, but it did come in handy when Kevin and Robin celebrated their fifth anniversary with a weekend at a 4-star hotel in New York City.

Luck, timing and enthusiasm helped make that original web site into the most popular online biker destination in the world.  Meanwhile, they expanded their “web empire” to include a variety of travel and sports-related web sites.  Life was good – and only got better a few years later when a “major web company” bought it all for $250 million.  An appropriately extravagant celebration followed at The Royal Hawaiian Waikiki, one of the 5-star hotels in Hawaii.

Whatever level of luxury your budget or desires require, makes it easy to find a place near a place with the kind of amenities you’re looking for.  Wherever you see the yellow stars on our site, click them to find more hotels nearby with similar levels of service and luxury.

Hotels For Sports Fans

It’s that time of the year when all the major sports are on the radar of sports fans – baseball season is heading down the home stretch, football starts in a few weeks, even basketball and hockey are in the news as teams make changes in their personnel for the 2010-2011 season.  Here at we’ve been reorganizing some of our pages of special interest to sports fans, including our pages containing information about hotels near MLB baseball stadiums, hotels near NFL stadiums and hotels near NHL arenas.

Major league baseball’s pennant races are heating up and we can show you where to find the best deals on hotels near the top teams in Chicago, Minnesota, Texas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Cincinnati and San Diego.

Our page for those who are looking for hotels near NFL stadiums has been upgraded to what we think is a much more user-friendly format.  All 32 teams are represented and we’ve got all you need to know about hotels near New Meadowlands Stadium, the new home field for the New York Giants and New York Jets.

Our NHL hotel page has also been redesigned to make it simpler to find places to stay near the games of your favorite hockey team.  And we’ve added hotel information for Consol Energy Center, the new home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

And stay tuned for hotel information for NBA fans, NCAA football fans and NCAA basketball fans, coming soon to

Find Hotels Near Anywhere

TheRealPlaces has lists of hotels near over 60,000 landmarks, but sometimes you just need a place to stay near Cousin Joe’s house – or anywhere else in the world that we don’t consider a “landmark”.  That’s when our new “Near an Address or Zip Code” search can come in handy.  Just visit our Hotel Power Search page and choose the “Near an Address or Zip Code” option for “Location Type”.  Enter the address you’re visiting and we’ll give you everything you need to know about the best hotel deals nearby. 

In addition to specifying the “nearby” address, you can also filter the results by hotel chain and a large checklist of hotel amenities.  The hotels in the results will be displayed in order of their distance from your destination and will show you room rates including any special deals currently being offered for the dates you choose.

New Miami Cruise Guide

Miami Cruise Guide, with everything you need to know about cruises from Miami, is the newest addition to the Cruise Guide Network.  It includes detailed information about all the ships that sail from Miami, a guide to finding the best deals on Miami cruises, information about the Miami cruise port terminals and a page of places to stay near the terminals. 

The complete Miami cruise calendar includes over 1,000 cruises scheduled to depart from the world’s busiest cruise port between now and November 2011.  Beyond overall lists of cruises, the Miami Cruise Guide also offers schedules by month – and for each cruise ship and cruise line.  For instance, visitors to the site can view all upcoming cruises on Norwegian Cruise Line ships, the scheduled departures of the big new Norwegian Epic and even narrow it down to November 2010 Norwegian Epic sailings.

To find information about any of Miami’s cruise ships you can start with our page that lists all ships currently scheduled to sail from Miami.  Each ship’s page includes our exclusive review of what kinds of accommodations you’ll find on the ship, the various places to eat and drink on-board, and a look at the unique amenities available for cruisers.

If you’re specifically looking for good deals on Miami cruises, then the “Miami Cruise Deals” page is the place to start.  Looking for information about the Miami cruise terminals?  There’s a page devoted to terminal location, driving direction and parking, too.  And if you’re looking for a place to stay before or after your cruise, there’s a page with information about some of the most convenient hotels in Miami and Miami Beach.

Follow The Stars – Hotel Star Ratings

Most of the 100,000+ hotels listed at are rated from 1 Star to 5 Stars depending upon the levels of quality, amenities and customer service.  And there’s usually a correlation between price and “star rating”.  Now you can easily find hotels that match your desired experience – and expenditure. 

Click on the stars above a hotel’s name and you’ll be taken to a page showing all the hotels in the same city with the same rating.  Makes it easy to find 5-star hotels in Miami, 4-star hotels in Orlando, 2-star hotels in Pittsburgh – or whatever level of hotel experience you’re looking for on your next trip.

Stay tuned as we’ll soon be offering even more ways of navigating your way through the database of hotels around the world at TheRealPlaces – home of the 110% low price guarantee.

Hotels Grouped By Street Address

Our most recent changes and additions to have been all about finding places to stay “near” things – near other hotels, near major shopping malls, near baseball stadiums, etc.  This week we’ve expanded that to include pages that group hotels by the street on which they’re located

Throughout the site you’ll find that street addresses are now links to pages that list all the hotels on the same street in the same city.  We were rather surprised that there are 658 different streets in the United States with five or more hotels.  Not surprisingly, the “most popular” streets are waterfront boulevards such as Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach, South Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach.

And nobody will be surprised to find International Drive in Orlando and Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas near the top of the list.   You might not be as familiar with the 16 hotels on Market Street in Wilmington, North Carolina, the 14 hotels on El Camino Real in Santa Clara, or the 12 hotels on Jefferson Davis Highway in Arlington, Virginia

It’s just another way to browse through the 100,000+ hotels you’ll find the hotel database of